Kiva Search

Kiva Search is an Android app that helps you search for the latest Kiva microfinance loans

Download Kiva Search from Google Play or
Download Kiva Search from Amazon App Store.
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Kiva Search Features:

  • Search for the latest loans
    • Search By Country
    • Search By Partner
    • Search By Sector
    • Search By Sort Order
    • Search By Theme
  • Click on a loan to view the loan details.
  • In the loan details screen swipe to view the next loan (non-tablet mode).
  • Click on the star to add the loan to your Watch List screen.
  • Click (more info) in the loan detail screen to view the repayment schedule
  • Click (more loans) in the loan detail screen to view more loans by the same field partner.
  • To view a larger borrower image, click on the image in the loan detail screen, click the image again to close it.
  • My Basket – manage your basket and checkout via the Kiva website.
  • My Account, My Loans, My Teams – authorise access via the My Accounts screen.
  • Search for teams to join.
  • Read the latest Journals
  • Tablet support.
  • Small screen support (Xperia X10 mini).


7 Inch Tablets


10 Inch Tablets


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