The difference a space can make

We just released a new version of our android app Kiva Search (1.03).  We also renamed it from KivaSearch to Kiva Search.  Yes, we added a space to the name. Why?  If you search for just Kiva on Google Play, the app was coming up as the seventh listing.  Since adding the space, the app is coming up as the fourth listing.  If you look at the ratings and downloads of the other apps, 4th is where we should be.  Now that we have taken our rightful position downloads have already increased.  So yes, one small space makes a big difference.

New in this version:

    • General improvement to the look and feel of the screens.
    • Added a cards layout style (like Google+) to the loan detail screen.
    • Added Android’s new navigation drawer (slide out menu).
    • Removed the old style navigation button screen.
    • Changed the icons to the android styled icons.
    • Minor bug fixes

From this…………..                    To this…………..

Loan Details  

Our next two versions are also currently in the making, so stay tuned as there is more to come!