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Do you want to a clean house, but don’t know where to start. Clean My House comes with a complete list and schedule of cleaning tasks that you can choose from. ¬†Your house will never be cleaner, get started today!

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I’d give this app an 10 if it were available. I purchased (which, by the way, I have NEVER done) the Master List, it breaksdown every detail of things I forget to clean. I was actually looking for an app to help my teenager (so I don’t have to tell her every single thing to clean) and WALLA, this is IT. Good luck and happy cleaning to all!!

I love this app. It is so easy to clean when you only have a couple of tasks each day. I have tried other versions of this kind of app but this is the best by far. My house has never looked cleaner.

Perfect app to help you stay on top of routine cleaning and occasional things that need to be done. Very easy and user friendly interface.

Amazing app for people who love lists and a clean home!

I love this app! It has finally helped me succeed in getting my house clean! It helps me stay organized.

Yay for a clean house that doesn’t kill me. Now I can do things incrementally instead of being overwhelmed. So far it seems like a really useful tool!

This app is amazing. I have been using it just over a week and I’m now so caught up on my cleaning I’m beginning to take on huge organizing tasks!

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