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Do you want to a clean house, but don’t know where to start. Clean My House comes with a complete list and schedule of cleaning tasks that you can choose from.  Your house will never be cleaner, get started today!

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I’d give this app an 10 if it were available. I purchased (which, by the way, I have NEVER done) the Master List, it breaksdown every detail of things I forget to clean. I was actually looking for an app to help my teenager (so I don’t have to tell her every single thing to clean) and WALLA, this is IT. Good luck and happy cleaning to all!!

I love this app. It is so easy to clean when you only have a couple of tasks each day. I have tried other versions of this kind of app but this is the best by far. My house has never looked cleaner.

Perfect app to help you stay on top of routine cleaning and occasional things that need to be done. Very easy and user friendly interface.

Amazing app for people who love lists and a clean home!

I love this app! It has finally helped me succeed in getting my house clean! It helps me stay organized.

Yay for a clean house that doesn’t kill me. Now I can do things incrementally instead of being overwhelmed. So far it seems like a really useful tool!

This app is amazing. I have been using it just over a week and I’m now so caught up on my cleaning I’m beginning to take on huge organizing tasks!

Kiva Search 2.4 Released

New in this release:

  • New Material Design
  • Changed ‘theme’ end point to ‘theme’s as advised by Kiva
    Added new countries – Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Moldova, Soloman Islands, Tunisia
  • Code refactor and minor bug fixes

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7-inch Tablet


10-inch Tablet



Kiva Search 1.10 Update Released

New in this release:

  • New search tab added to the Search Loans screen
    • Search By Theme (Arab Youth, Conflict Zones, Fair Trade, Green, Growing Businesses, Higher Education, Islamic Finance, Job Creation, Kiva City LA, Mobile Technology, Rural Exclusion, SME, Start-Up, Underfunded Areas, Vulnerable Groups, Water and Sanitation, and Youth)
  • Minor Bug Fixes

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Kiva Search 1.07 Update Released

New in this release:

  • Added My Account screen (any issues uninstall and reinstall the app)
  • Kiva Search can now access private (anonymous) accounts, authorise using the My Account screen
  • My Loans – retrieved via https – using oAuth security
  • My Teams – retrieved via https – using oAuth security
  • New flags for Malawi and Panama

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My Account

The difference a space can make

We just released a new version of our android app Kiva Search (1.03).  We also renamed it from KivaSearch to Kiva Search.  Yes, we added a space to the name. Why?  If you search for just Kiva on Google Play, the app was coming up as the seventh listing.  Since adding the space, the app is coming up as the fourth listing.  If you look at the ratings and downloads of the other apps, 4th is where we should be.  Now that we have taken our rightful position downloads have already increased.  So yes, one small space makes a big difference.

New in this version:

    • General improvement to the look and feel of the screens.
    • Added a cards layout style (like Google+) to the loan detail screen.
    • Added Android’s new navigation drawer (slide out menu).
    • Removed the old style navigation button screen.
    • Changed the icons to the android styled icons.
    • Minor bug fixes

From this…………..                    To this…………..

Loan Details  

Our next two versions are also currently in the making, so stay tuned as there is more to come!

KivaSearch 1.02 Update

  • Phone mode, loan detail screen, swipe to see the next/previous loans.
  • Removed all progress dialogs, replaced with progress bars, faster and less intrusive.
  • Delinquent loans – Status now shows as ‘Paying Back – Delinquent’. Next payment date will show in red.
  • Added small screen support (Xperia X10 mini).
  • Added large screen tablet support. (see screenshot below)
    • Loan list screen and loan detail screen appear side by side.
    • Selected loan is highlighted.
    • Selected loan appears in title bar.

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KivaSearch has been released!

KivaSearch is an app that helps you search for the latest Kiva microfinance loans

KivaSearch Features:

  • Search for the latest loans
  • View the loan details
  • Click (more info) in the loan detail screen to view the repayment schedule
  • Click (more loans) in the loan detail screen to view more loans by the same field partner
  • Click the borrower image in the loan detail screen to add the loan to your watch list
  • Search for teams to join
  • Add you Lender ID in the settings page, then view your portfolio.  Click or swipe between the tabs.

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Teams  My Portfolio - Loans  My Portfolio - Teams